Missing my boys !

Bennett, Alex and Fletcher

Bennett, Alex and Fletcher

How adorable are they? These guys are my first babies! Probably the hardest thing that my pregnancy came with was the fact that I had to quit my job. To me it was not just a job, this family is such a huge part of our lives, I don’t even know how to describe it! So of course I miss them sooo much!! Almost 6 years ago, when I started working for the Fogles, their oldest son – Fletcher – was about to turn 3 years old. In a few months he will celebrate his 9th Bday!  The blondy of the family, sweet Alex, was just a baby back then (6 mo.) and now he is 6. And baby Bennett… he will always be the baby of the family 🙂 Such a cutie-pie. So yes, I miss my F.A.B. boys and I think of them everyday. They will always have a special place in my heart and i can’t wait for my babies to meet them!

the boys-001I love you guys!!


2 thoughts on “Missing my boys !

  1. These three are precious! Sometimes God is good the way he helps us prepare for our future roles. I too was a nanny for five years. I worked as a nanny while I went to college and had to quit to pursue graduate school. I am still close to “my family”. In fact, they’ve come to see the babies several times. Brennan, the oldest passed away tragically in 2009. He would be 23 now. His sister is 21 and attending college now. I hope you continue to stay close with the Foggle family because they are indeed part of your family.

  2. God blessed you with such a wonderful family! I’m so glad I had the chance to meet “your boys”. They are really adorable! I had a lot of fun with them and i’m looking forward to seeing them again! I owe Bennett a bite on his sweet cheek. just kidding :)) I’ve just remembered how he treated me last time.

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