Quadruplets pregnancy

Probably a lot of you are wondering how does it feel to be pregnant with quadruplets. Well, I don’t have anything else to compare it to, but I will try to describe it a little bit.

I have to start by saying how much I dreamed of being pregnant one day. To me, being able to bring a little person into this world, it is just amazing! Many times we take things for granted, we believe it is supposed to happen one way or another. I think that having to deal with infertility made me and Oly appreciate the miracle of pregnancy even more. All I wanted was to be able to experience this amazing journey, and sometimes I still cannot believe it is actually happening to us!
Because we were in this struggle of getting pregnant, of course I didn’t even wait to have a missed period and I took a test. There are some very accurate pregnancy tests in the store these days.  When I saw that second light pink line I felt like screaming from the top of my lungs, but it was 5AM and so I tried to be quiet. I woke up Oly and we were both super excited but a little nervous too. We have been in that position once before and things did not turn out good. Right away I started going to the doctor’s office 2-3 times a week, to get blood drawn, so they could keep an eye on my hormone levels, making sure that everything goes well. My levels were great but I would still worry a little bit every time I had to wait for the nurse to tell me that we’re on the right track. So from the very early beginning, this pregnancy has been watched closely by the doctors and specialists. I had my first ultrasound about 10 days after we found out that I was pregnant. I think that’s pretty fast, compared to a singleton pregnancy. Lots of ultrasounds and doctor’s visits followed, pretty much every week. I have to say it again, I was in the best hands possible and I will be forever thankful for that! Besides that, I was feeling pretty good, not many symptoms! At some point I thought something was wrong with me, I knew that when you are pregnant you’re supposed to be sick and this and that. Well… right at 6 weeks I started feeling nauseous. But still not very bad. I took Zofran for nausea and it helped so much! My belly started to show very early, I mean we could see it getting bigger by week. Now it is getting bigger by day!! The doctor told me that at 24 weeks I will have the belly of full term singleton pregnancy! It is also known that quads come early, around 28-30 weeks… but we’re praying everyday that God gives me and the babies strength and health so we go over 30 weeks as much as possible. After a while I started going to a perinatal specialist. At the Perinatal Office they have some very high tech ultrasound equipment so we were able to find out our babies genders pretty early – 13 weeks. at 15 weeks they took another look and were able to see better so final answer was 2 boys and 2 girls.  With the quadruplets pregnancy comes mandatory bed rest usually around 20 weeks. I started earlier, at almost 17 weeks but not as strict as it will be at 20. I am able to get up and make myself a sandwich or get some water, later on I won’t even be doing that! I will lay down all the time except the time I have to use the restroom or shower. There is just so much pressure and the weight of my belly is pressing on my cervix; if it shortens, I go into labor sooner than I am supposed to. It is already hard to walk and move around, sleeping at night can be very challenging and I cannot bend anymore. It’s funny because I am so clumsy now, I drop everything! So Oly’s new job is to come and pick up stuff after me 🙂 But he would do anything for me. He is just the best soon to be daddy of QUADS!! You know what, women can adjust easier to different situations I think, so the thought of becoming  a Mommy of quads is not such a big deal as it it for a man the thought of becoming the Daddy of quads, that’s just my opinion.  And he is just the right guy, I am so sure he will be the best Daddy for my babies and I thank God every single day for him. He was so strong from the beginning! I was scared and I would always ask “how are we going to do this and that” and I would worry… but he was my rock. Still is. Always will be. I love you Bebitzu!

We don’t have a perfect situation. Not even close! Sometimes I wonder what was God thinking? But I know He doesn’t make mistakes, ever! And even if we don’t have a solution or an answer for all of our questions, I know He does. I know that these babies will be such a blessing and they already are! Probably the hardest part of this pregnancy is being able to hang in there, completely trust in God  and take one day at the time, through faith. I don’t know why He choose us to bring four miracles into this world, but we do feel special and overwhelmed by God’s love. He promised us that with Him we will concur anything and we’ll be victorious in the end! smile-001My plan is to embrace every single moment of this miracle pregnancy, be thankful and appreciate everything that happens in our life, seek the heart of God so that I can become a better sister, daughter-in-law, friend, but most of all a better wife and mother to my precious babies! God bless you all!

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