Happy to say that today I am 26 weeks! 2 weeks away from the BIG milestone! We woke up early this morning, my bag was all packed and we were ready to go to Northside and get admitted. That’s because yesterday I had an appt with my OB and even though she was not worried about me, she felt like it might be time to be on hospital bed rest. I am having contractions, but it’s not that bad. And for now there are just a few. But she said that based on the next day’s check up (meaning today) at the Perinatal office, I will most likely be admitted. So last night we packed the last little things and we set our minds that we’re both going to the hospital but only one of us is coming back home.

 26 weeks

26 weeks

Things turned around in out favor! Today my cervix looked better than last week, it went from 2,5 to 3cm. I guess being really careful and staying home on strict bed rest does help. Contractions are also normal at this stage in the quad pregnancy. I do have some really bad headaches, sort of migraines I would say, but that’s because of the increased blood volume and circulation. I think I need to start drinking coffee again! I used to love coffee until I got pregnant, then I lost all my interest in it. Babies looked very good, fluids continue to be great so what else could I ask for? I was happy to hear “You are going home!”. I don’t have measurements for the quads, they only do it every 2 weeks, to give them time to grow.


The thought of soon becoming parents is sinking in more and more. And we do feel truly blessed to have four angels sent from above. Can’t wait to meet them !!


26 weeks

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    • It really seems to work. I would rather be home on strict bed rest than in the hospital. Just that nice feeling of being home… And I am so happy to be with my hubby every night 🙂

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