First night in the Hospital

Yesterday started pretty early for me. I woke up around 4am and just couldn’t go back to sleep. I was not feeling too well, my belly just felt weird. Around 5 the contractions started, but nothing unusual, They were not hurting that bad. But my belly was hard as a rock and stayed like that the whole day. So after going back and forth all morning long, on what to do, I called dr.Jeffer’s office and spoke to a nurse. They made an appointment for me right away. I called Oly’s work and asked if he could come home and take me to the hospital. Fast fwd: I got admitted. My blood pressure was higher than normal, lots of contractions… but the cervix was still fine.

Once I got into my room, lots of equipment was brought here. They had to keep track of each baby so they needed another computer and a few more heart monitors. It took a while to get all those monitors on my belly, I had one for each baby and one for my contractions. I just couldn’t believe it – I was having contractions every 6 minutes! I probably spent 30-45 min laying on my back with all those things attached to me and my back started hurting a little. In the beginning I thought it’s from my belly contracting so much. But at some point the pain was unbearable! The left side of my belly all the way to the back was hurting me so bad! I kept breathing thinking it’s just another contraction, a very serious one this time around. But why just half of my belly and the back? The 3 nurses that were in my room at that point were looking at me very worried but there was nothing they could do apparently. Looking at the monitor, they said it sounds strange because I’ve had contractions like that before but couldn’t figure out why I have so much pain this time. I thought I am going to lose it at this point. Oly was holding my hand and he kept telling me it will go away, well it wasn’t! I was covered in sweat and I really thought I am about to have these babies right at that moment. I asked made the nurses take the 4 monitors for the babies off me so I can turn to the side and try to relax. Even breathing was to hard for me. It slowly went away, but my side all the way towards the back still hurt. It was manageable though. Then I got the chills, I was freezing! Even after I warmed up, my body kept shivering for a while. I thought that was it, it went away. But shortly after, I needed to go to the bathroom. The second I got up, the pain was back. I don’t even know how Oly managed to take me in and out of the bathroom, I thought I will faint every step of the way. I got back in my bed, terrified… Is this what being in labor means? are the babies coming? am I ready? All these questions and many more crossed my mind. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, but I was trying my best to keep myself together. My hubby kept telling me that we’ll be ok, the babies are good and all that pain doesn’t mean they are coming so early. He reminded me that only God knows the day that He picked for these angels to enter our world, we should not worry.

I did get some pain killers and it helped a lot. This is just for a short period of time, until they figure out what is wrong with me. I was happy to see Ada and my in laws later at night. The doctor -that was on call- stopped by and checked me out. He thinks I might have kidney stones on my left side. So they’ll make some urine tests and hopefully this morning we’ll find out. Not sure what’s the plan if that’s the result. I will be spending the whole day here. They said I have a chance of going home tonight but I am not getting my hopes up. Whatever they consider better for me, I’m fine with it.

Oly decided to spend the night with me, he was too worried to leave me here. I thought that was very sweet of him, it did make me feel a lot better just seeing him sleeping on the sofa next to me. I didn’t get much sleep though, even after taking some Ambient. Before we went to bed, I was pain free, so we had some fun taking pictures 🙂

prego style in my new room

prego style in my new room

O & L

O & L

the view from my room

the view from my room

Can’t wait to see how today is going to be and how long I’ll end up being here. Thank you to all of you that have been praying for us! I know God is in control!

27 weeks.

7 thoughts on “First night in the Hospital

  1. Prapaditoooo, vrei sa fac atac de cord aici? Ufff ca mi s-a facut inima cat un purice cand am inceput sa citesc postarea. Spune-le minunilor tale sa stea cuminti acolo, si ma rog sa iti aline Domnul durerile alea, ca sa mai poti tine bebeii la caldurica, vreo cateva saptamani. Spune-le ca tre sa te petreci de ziua ta, nu sa schimbi scutece 😛 :). Te pup si mi-e dor de tine

  2. Hang in there!!! You are in the best place you can possibly be at this point and it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t feel like yourself or don’t feel comfortable going home, be sure to voice this to your doctor!! Prayers for you Lori, you’re doing great.

  3. Hope you stay calm and well. Kidney stones can be really painful I’ve heard. Added a few special prayers for you. Xox

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  4. This comes to mind and I find it very appropriate: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 Love the view! Request the same room when you return in a few weeks :)))

  5. Oh Lori, so sorry for all that pain. It’s odd they had you lay on your back so long though. I would nearly pass out when they kept me on my back for any length of time for ultrasounds. Praying the pain subsides and you can keep those angels cooking a little more. Just one more week until the next big milestone!

  6. YEY today is 27 weeks and girl i told u that ur babies want their ***** to be home cooking …it was good to see you yesterday hahahah thank God for the job being near the hospital hahahah ❤ ❤ keep it going blondy ur a strong gal hehehehahhahahaah wove ya

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