Mommy’s dream

Every Mommy dreams of having healthy babies. And only now I realize what a blessing that is. I was very happy today to hear that the babies continue to grow and to be healthy, gaining about half a pound every 2 weeks. I am doing pretty well too. I thought I’ll get admitted because my cervix length has shorten to 1.7, but because it’s still closed and hard I guess I’m fine. Contractions are still light and not that many, yay! I am a little nervous because anytime things could change, but I am hopeful. Monday morning I’ll have my cervix checked again and we’ll go from there. I definitely need to stay off my feet and horizontal. I can’t believe how close we are to the big day that will change our lives forever! In my mind, getting to 28 weeks is absolutely mandatory, but every single day after that, will be a heavenly bonus! I do hope to go as far as possible, but I need to be realistic. I don’t have super powers, my body has limits and I am not the one in control, God is. He is the only one that knows the exact day and time that He has planned for our quads to arrive.

Times four!

Times four!

It’s funny how my big belly easily opens up conversations, no matter where I am. For me and my husband it feels so normal to be expecting quadruplets, we even forget that this might be a shock for anyone else. Sometimes it’s really fun to see how people react. Other times, not that much, especially when I am tired and I can’t even put 3 words together. But it has been a great experience for us. It does bother me when people that never give me a call, a txt or show any sort of interest in our family, come up with weird stories and gossips. I was expecting this actually, but I thought that my blog would keep everything clear for everyone. I mean, it’s me here, writing about my life, sharing this amazing experience with everyone. Oh well, as we all know, there are others out there that have nothing else better to do than come up with things that are not true.

Baby weights from today’s growth scan:
Baby A: 2 pounds, 6oz
Baby B: 2 pounds, 4oz
Baby C: 2 pounds, 7oz
Baby D: 2 pounds, 12oz

We are glad to know that all of them are within the normal range and we’re praying that they keep on going strong! I wish I could get a picture of all of them, to show you how crazy it looks in there, but they are too big and it’s very crowded inside my belly 🙂

27 weeks, 2 days.

15 thoughts on “Mommy’s dream

  1. As queen Elizabeth says, keep calm and carry on! It was wonderful to see you and oly. Keep those little angels safe.

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  2. You continue to give your babies everything they need. You are doing a great job. This is when it gets hard but just know that everyday gives those babies so much.

    • Thanks Krista! It is getting difficult but knowing everything I do, I do it for them, gives me strength. God has worked wonders in our little family!

  3. I know it’s much easier said than done, but try not to waste too much energy on the people who have nothing better to do than gossip. It’s hard not to pay attention because frustration and irritation take over…

    You’ve made it so faaaaaaaaar already! The babies are healthy and growing beautifully, and that’s all that matters. You’re a trooper (and then some)!

  4. Lori draga,
    desi nu am reusit sa iti scriu pana acum, sa stii ca m-am gandit la voi si ti-am citit cu mare bucurie si excitement toate noutatile! Ma bucur pentru voi si sunt convinsa ca o sa fiti niste parinti minunati! Domnul Isus sa va dea multa, multa putere, rabdare si intelepciune (am aflat din experienta ca sunt cele mai importante 🙂 )… I can only imagine cum e sa astepti 4 minunatii… I-am zis lui Andrei ca nu o sa mai complain when I have to face different challenges with the girls…I’ll just think about you! 🙂 On the other hand, nu e nimic mai frumos cand vin amandoua si-ti sar in brate sa-ti dea hugs and kisses si sa avem group hugs! 🙂 Wow…voi o sa aveti parte de si mai multe bucurii si momente extraordinare!
    Domnul Isus sa fie cu tine, in special, si pe mai departe si sa va dea izbanda in toate!
    Hugs and kisses from the Chioreans!

    • Awww Flavia!!! Multumim pt toate gandurile frumoase! Noi intotdeauna ne-am dorit gemeni dar nu ne-am imaginat ca ar fi posibil quads, asa ca suntem incantati! Stim ca nu va fi usor dar suntem indragostiti de ingerasii nostri si de abia asteptam sa vina pe lume! va imbratisam cu dor! So nice to hear from you!!

  5. I’m so happy to see you carry these babies another week, every day counts. The losses and struggles of expectant moms are painful reminders of the blessings in our home. You are correct, this is in God’s hands and your job is to follow orders the best you can. Hang in there!

  6. Lori, you are doing soooo great and you came so far! I’m so happy for you!!! Just remember, you are not alone, and God is with you, every step. And about gossip, let it be, don’t get too concerned about that. Gossip is another tool that the devil is using to rob us of our peace. Don’t let him win. Just be at peace and know that God is working on your behalf and when you feel that you can’t make it anymore, God has more strength and grace to give you. You are very strong girl and I’m so proud of you!! You are very blessed!

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