The amazing milestone ~ 28 weeks

I don’t even know how to start this post. Maybe by saying how EXCITED I am today!!! Oh gosh… we’ve reached 28 weeks! This has been our main goal for such a long time. Sometimes I felt like it’s so far away, I thought we’re never going to make it. It is SO important that our babies have reached this milestone, I am going to cry!! At 28 weeks the babies are ready to meet us, meaning they have huge chances of surviving outside of the womb. Of course we would prefer that they wait a little longer in there, there’s no rush. But if I were to deliver any day now, it would be ok. They would still spend time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) but I think we can say they are safe to enter our world. Everyone is excited, not just us – the nurses that enter my room congratulate us. The Labor and Delivery section from Northside has different floors. My room is on the HRP floor (High Risk Pregnancies). So everyone here knows very well how important it is to get to 28 weeks. Everyone’s goal is to get to this stage. Right now I am the only one carrying quads and many of the nurses said I am their first patient they have worked with that is expecting 4 babies. They are all wonderful ladies that take such good care of me.

I don’t know what I will do today but I know it’s a happy day. The babies have been doing so good and my contractions are very light, I guess I am more relaxed too, knowing that I am here under the dr’s supervision. Yesterday I had so many visitors and surprises, it was wonderful. Oly’s baby brother, Naty (he is 20 but he is still the baby of the family and I love him so much) works nearby and he came to see me twice in the same day! We got him a parking pass, so he can come and go as he likes. Then a good friend of mine from work, Shannon,  stopped by with her kids. That made me so happy! I had no idea they were coming. And the kids brought the babies the cutest lovies ever! I have them by my window so I can see them all the time 🙂

The Quads lovies :) Aren't they so cute?

The Quads lovies 🙂 Aren’t they so cute?

At the end of the day my in-laws came by with auntie Ada, so I ended my day with family around me once again, which is wonderful. Naty was here already, Oly surprised me and came straight from work. I was so glad that my hubby was here too. I was given a different room with a better view, because I’ll be here for a long time. Now I don’t have to look out of my window and see a wall, here is much better! I can see the King & the Queen buildings again and I love it. So Oly moved all my stuff once again. We need to buy an air mattress for him, like a twin size to make sure it fits in here, so he can sleep better and actually get some rest. I am so happy that he stays with me almost every night.

the view

the view

My room

My room

From this day on we just count the days. I am setting a new goal, which is 30 weeks and the 32 weeks. Hopefully even 34! We thank God for every single day. We’ve come so far only by His grace. And we’ll continue the same way, following His plan. People ask me often how did I manage to carry these babies so far and what did I do to have such a healthy high risk pregnancy. I did what the doctors have told me to do, so I followed instructions, but at the end of the day, the life of these miracles are in the hand of God.

Happy 28 weeks Babies! Mommy and Daddy love you all more than words can express! We can only imagine that day when our pregnancy journey ends and we get to hold these precious angels! And then the real fun begins 🙂

Our life is in Your hand

Our life is in Your hand

28 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “The amazing milestone ~ 28 weeks

  1. YEAH!!!! What a huge milestone. Here’s to many more days- every day counts! So happy your body has made it this far! I had mine at 28w4d. They are all very healthy now but I hope you beat me 🙂

  2. Hurray!!! 28 is such a biggie.. and you did it 🙂 That’s great news Lori!! I am so happy and proud of you! Wish you the best for the remaining weeks! Jeremiah 29:11 is what I really needed to hear today. What a great reminder! You encourage me every time I read your posts. Thank YOU for being an inspiration and a beautiful example of strength! You truly are a light of encouragement!

  3. HOORAY! I’m so happy for you! I love to see you set your sights on new and better goals. They would thrive just fine if born now, so that’s a piece of mind, but I would love to see you go further. Most everyone I meet asks how on earth I carried four babies and I reply, “The Grace of God!” I followed all directions and never doubted that God would help us through. I know you are doing the same thing! Way to go!!!

    • Thank you!! As you can tell, I keep my eyes on you 🙂 And every little thing that you told me or I read on your blog, helped me so much! Many times Oly tells me he wishes we could visit you guys, and so do I! We feel like you are our friends from far away.

  4. Lore, you can use your posts as basis of book! Keep some notes as babies grow if you have time. If you got it published you could send them all to college!

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