Welcome home Isaac & Andrew!

After 46 days in the NICU, our boys came home! They were always neck in neck, gaining weight pretty much the same, they got their cannulas out just a couple of days apart and they reached 8 bottles in 24h about the same time too. They are best buddies πŸ™‚ The plan was for Isaac to come home 1st. But in the NICU you just never know. Andrew was doing so great so our surprise was double. They have been home for a week now and things are going pretty smoothly. They are good babies. They sleep well and eat well. We enjoy them so much but we miss the girls. Maybe the hardest thing for us right now is to be away from them for days in a row. Hopefully the bambinas will come home soon. They still need to work on finishing their bottles and reaching 8 bottles/day. I would love, love, love if they would come home together too, so nobody is left behind.

As we learn our way as parents of twins right now, we’re really getting ready for what is to come. Many times I find myself thinking how everything that we do now, will soon double. It is a little scary honestly. But we’ve made it this far, I know we’ll be just fine. We are excited to be together as a family under the same roof, enjoy each other and raise these wonderful miracle babies.

The boys have reached 7 pounds! I am so proud of them!!! Isaac is 7 pounds, 5 oz (3 pounds, 5 oz at birth) and Andrew is 7 pounds, 1 oz (3 pounds, 9 oz at birth). They are chubby and healthy and just adorable. Here are the stars of the week πŸ™‚

Ready to go home

Ready to go home

Leaving the NICU

Leaving the NICU


Finally going home!

Sleepy boys

Life at home :)

Life at home πŸ™‚ Blessed with wonderful aunties!


Mommy's boys <3

Mommy’s boys ❀

Chillin` :)

Chillin` πŸ™‚

Andrew (L) & Isaac (R)

Andrew (L) & Isaac (R)

Bottles ready for the night. Can't imagine how our fridge will look once everyone is home!

Bottles ready for the night. Can’t imagine how our fridge will look once everyone is home!

Daddy duty in the middle of the night

Daddy duty in the middle of the night

Doesn't Andrew look SO hungry? :)

Doesn’t Andrew look SO hungry? πŸ™‚ He was about to have his bottle.

Isaac's favorite spot

Isaac’s favorite spot

Pure chubbiness

Pure chubbiness

Alexis being so confy. I miss her so much

Alexis being so comfy. I miss her so much

Hannah passed her car seat test. Hopefully she'll be ready to come home soon

Hannah passed her car seat test. Hopefully she’ll be ready to come home soon

We would like to limit visitors to family only for a while. We just want them to get bigger and stronger, to build their immune system up and then we’ll have plenty of time for play time πŸ™‚ But thank you to all of you that always check on us and the Quads! It’s nice to know that we are on your mind and in your prayers. God has been wonderful to us and really provided for our family.

Also, many of you have asked if there is anything you can do for us. Actually there is. If you get coupons for diapers, wipes and/or formula, and you don’t need them, we would love to have them! It’s amazing how fast we go through boxes of all those things! And it’s just the beginning:))

Good night world!









4 thoughts on “Welcome home Isaac & Andrew!

  1. Lori, Your boys look fabulous and so healthy! Praying the girls soon join them. I know it’s so overwhelming and hard to imagine going from two babies to four at home, but you will adjust. Having quads means everything is in a constant state of flux so you learn to be flexible and schedule bound at the same time (ironic, I know).
    When you run out of wipes, you may want to try making them. I thought DIY wipes would be a huge ordeal, but we found them so easy and CHEAP. It costs us $1/ week and it’s helped us prevent diaper rash.

  2. Blessings for sure. So happy for you! Will watch for coupons. What is best gift needed this Christmas? Santa wants to know, he told me!

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  3. How is your brood? Hoping all healthy and home! Hoping you remember what sleep is like! Eventually you might experience it again …

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