Time flies!!

Oh boy, my blog is getting dusty and rusty! And that’s because I haven’t stopped here for such a long time! My laptop is broken and it’s hard to type a post off the phone, but honestly I can hardly find time to finish work on my chores around the house! The Quads are SO big, I cannot believe it. On February the 7th they will be five.months.old!!!!!! Our home is full of giggles and cuteness but the crying is not off the schedule either 🙂 Oly took off from work before the holidays and so we worked very hard on sleep training. When you have a baby, maybe you don’t care much of having him/her on a sleep schedule but with 4… it is mandatory or you go crazy. So I’ve been reading Baby Wise and with advice from other quad mommas, we did it! Yes, it was very hard because the babies did not want to do what we wanted them to do. But we are a good team and autie Lois helped us tons, so because of her we are still sane! The Quads only wake up once during the night, around 3 AM and that is a huge accomplishment. During the day, they eat every 3h, they play and sleep. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time they are good. We feed 2 at once, first the boys and then the girls. I am so proud of them! And even though they still wake up once at night, after they eat, they go back to sleep right away. I am excited for the spring to come so we can get out, meet with friends, go to the park… a whole new chapter! But hey, let’s not rush things :)) we enjoy the baby stage SO much, especially now that they smile a lot, they laugh and giggle when we act silly… we have all this 4 times:) so blessed!

There is so much to tell, pictures to post but hopefully my laptop wilk get fixed soon and also by that time maybe I’ll be able to manage my time better so I can continue blogging. I will have to go back in 2013 for a moment for some good stories about the Lupei Quadville!

Lori.Photography by Axsys Design - www.axsysdesign.com

5 thoughts on “Time flies!!

  1. My goodness, that picture is adorable!!! What beautiful children you have. I’m also VERY IMPRESSED that you were able to sleep train your babies so young, I guess like you said though you wouldn’t survive if you hadn’t.

    • Thanks Jen!! It is VERY hard work. Many times I wanted to forget about sleep training and just let it be, but now I am happy we didn’t give up. Can’t wait until they sleep through the night!

  2. Yay for sleep training!!!! With four, it really is the key to sanity. Time really flies. I can’t believe a year ago our babies were like yours and now they are 18 month old walking, talking, little monkeys. Each stage brings new challenges, but I try to embrace the special moments of each because it doesn’t last long!

    • We are still working on sleep training… Andrew eats the most and still he wakes up first! I am sure the others would go longer but he is the loudest of our crew!! Amber, you are my mentor! ❤

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