Happy 1st Birthday Quads from Heaven!


Yesterday was a very special day for us. It has been ONE year since we’ve been blessed with not one or two, not even three, but FOUR miracles. A year ago, these precious jewels entered our world and changed every aspect of it. It has been the most challenging year of our lives, the most difficult but by far the most amazing! If someone would have told me and Oly how exactly things are going to be and that we are actually going to survive,  I would have laughed in his face. But through all and all, we had God on our side each step of the way and here we are, happier than ever, blessed more than ever, thankful and accomplished. 
Isaac, Hannah, Alexis and Andrew, you mean the world to us! Nothing fills our hearts the way you do little munchkins! We wanted you so badly and we fought for you as we’ll always do! Life is not perfect but you made our family perfect and that is our little corner of heaven. We love  and cherish you with every string of our hearts and every breath we take!
We pray that God will continue to use you and us as a family, to show his glory, to remind everyone that he is the God of miracles and you are the proof!

Happy Birthday Quadlings!
Mommy & Daddy

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