There is a whole world just outside of our house!

I feel like summer time is already here. Some days are so hot, our backyard has no shade whatsoever so it is not fun to be out there. Once we came back from the beach it just didn’t feel right to be at home or in our neighborhood all the time. I felt like I needed to GET OUT. The kids need to get out more. So what if there is four of them and one of me? There must be things that we can do together, there has to be a way for me to be able to introduce them to the world that is outside of our house!

So all kind of conversations have been happening in my head. What if they run 4 different directions? What if they throw a tantrum and everyone is starring at us? I kept going back and forth, but finally got the courage to leave our house. Worst case scenario – I end up loading my crew back in the car and we head home. I have been taking them to our neighborhood playground and even though there are 3 ways to get out in the street, the quads have been good! I always remind them “the rules” and if someone doesn’t listen, they sit in the wagon or stroller for aprox 90 seconds. They know I mean serious business. So I really thought it was time to try going further than our neighborhood. It takes a while to load/unload everyone, but it is all worth it.

First try: a park close by!

Exploring the bridge

Exploring the bridge

I have to say the quads have impressed me once again. It’s been good! We managed to do a few things together and actually enjoy them, without anyone throwing a fit, or run away from me, or anything like that. So now going to the park has become our usual.


Alexis just spotted the turtle in the water

This particular park has a pretty lake and there is a bridge (that is safe for them to walk on) on the side of the lake, where I usually unload the kids from the quad stroller and I let them walk with me. There are only two ways to go, forward or backward so it makes it a little easier if I need to be chasing them.

Andrew, of course!

Andrew, of course!

People stop and chat and the kids are always entertained by all the dogs that we meet. Then there is a set of 4 swings where we go and spend some time. I like the fact that the swings are not inside the playground so they never ask to go there – it would be too hectic for me. Often we get to see geese ( last time we saw their goslings ), a very friendly pelican, a turtle, lizards and lots of fish by the deck.

Overlooking the lake, isn't it beautiful?

Overlooking the lake, isn’t it beautiful? I love this place!

The kids playing on the deck

The kids playing on the deck

Four :)

Four 🙂



Mom, I just need to close my eyes for a minute!

Mom, I just need to close my eyes for a minute!

One day we took a trip to Petsmart!

1st time at Petsmart

1st time at Petsmart

What a great place to visit with toddlers. Hannah loved the Guinea pigs and she was all smiles. The fish were the biggest attraction of the store and I am secretly hoping that one day we will get an aquarium! There were some really cool “glow in the dark” fish that I really liked. Maybe… one day! The quads did not get to walk this time, but they were pretty happy in the quad stroller. Once we left the store, I had one unhappy camper. My little alarm clock – Isaac – likes to wake up pretty early sometimes so he gets cranky before lunch.

Lots of fish for little eyes to follow

Lots of fish for little eyes to follow

Hannah looked like she wanted to bring home a Guinea pig :)

Hannah looked like she wanted to bring home a Guinea pig 🙂

Weeks ago aunt Lois and I, took the kids to Story Time at the local library. The kids really liked it and behaved so well. But now she is busy with work and school so unfortunately she can’t join us anymore.

There is a separate room, in the kids area, where we can bring books and read them without disturbing the rest of the Library.

At the Library. There is a separate room, in the kids area, where we can bring books and read them without disturbing the rest of the Library.

So… I woke up Tuesday morning and I hoped aunt Lois will surprisingly show up just like she did a few weeks ago tried to convince myself to try it on my own. As I was getting the kids ready I was still telling myself that it will be OK and there is always that last option of heading home if something goes wrong.



We went early because I wanted to rent out some books for the quads and also they got to play in the kids area for a little while. When it was time for Story Time, we strolled in there and parked the stroller right next to me on the side of the room. All four decided to sit in my lap, pretty crammed, but it worked.



My legs got numb in few minutes.  Isaac decided to get up and take a few steps not too far from me, but he kept coming back. Alexis looked pretty comfortable with all the kids around her and so I sat her next to me. By the end she took off to the other side of the room, just to say hi to some kids 🙂 What a cutie! The only one that sat in my lap the entire time was Andrew. I heard him sing with a very soft, sweet voice and he even clapped but did not leave me for a second. Hannah sat down, stood up, walked around me, pulled on my shirt constantly but she was happy and excited. The toddler’s class reader, Ms Layla, had stamped all the tiny hands in the room with stars, because that day all the songs and books where about the famous “Twinkle twinkle little star” and so it was the quads turn. It is so cute to see their different personalities in moments like this. Isaac firmly wanted to get a stamp so he was right there, waiting next to Ms. Layla.



Alexis was busy making friends and didn’t even care that I kept calling her name. She made sure to say bye bye to everyone that left the room and then joined us. Hannah just wasn’t sure about the stamp… the look on her face was priceless, like she was about to say “Ummm you think you will stamp something on my hand?! You don’t know me that well!” :)But she did get one. And Andrew… oh Andrew 🙂 You could tell he REALLY wanted to get stamped but he just stood there, 6 feet away from the table, not moving an inch. Finally after he saw my stamp, he came closer to get his… while I held him.

The quads proudly showed me their stamps several times that day and we continued the theme “twinkle, twinkle little star” throughout the day.

Once we got home, I sat them all at the quad table and let them look through their books from the library, while I got lunch ready. It was a very nice morning and I am so happy to be able to do all these fun things with my babies ❤

When Daddy came home, they all showed him their little stars and oh, he was very proud of all of us and our “adventure”. Love my supportive husband so much!!!



One of the things I love most about being a mother of multiples, is being able to see how they individually process everything around them. They are the same age but completely different. I love the fact that the more they get out, the more they enjoy everything we do. The library is a great stimulation for them. They were all shy in the beginning but this last time, they all clapped after the songs and even did some motions with their hands. Right at the end, we were handed bubble tubes and while I was blowing bubbles for them I got so excited to see all four of them having so much fun, running around to catch some bubbles, giggling away.

When we were at the library, a couple of moms told me that they try to meet once a week at the playground in the Mall and they also invited us! I didn’t promise anything but I really wanted to go. We never took the quads to the Mall, well mostly because during the weekend when Oly is home, it’s so crowded and chaotic. But now, since I am able to “handle” our crew by myself… why not? Especially on a weekday morning. I invited my friend and neighbor Melissa with us and her little guy, Max, and it turned out really well. The kids loved it, I even got to chat a little with the other ladies and so we added the Mall to our “fun things to do” list.

Mommy and her "babies". I couldn't even remember last time I went to the Mall!

Mommy and her “babies”. I couldn’t even remember last time I went to the Mall!

The quads and their friend, Max

The quads and their friend, Max ( Andrew is right besides him)

Isaac, Andrew and Alexis checking out the boat. Hannah was making friends :)

Isaac, Andrew and Alexis checking out the boat. Hannah was making friends 🙂

My little explorer <3

My little explorer ❤

On a different morning we explored a new park that has an awesome playground for toddlers. That one wasn’t easy at all. The girls wanted to hold my hand which worked great but it’s hard to follow two little curious boys that way. So we’ll leave that one for when there is another person with us.

This week I was even able to “run to the store” for some milk, bananas and bread (with the quads). Such an easy chore is a great accomplishment for this mama! 🙂

I am beyond excited to enter this new chapter with the quadlings. Having more freedom certainly makes a difference. They are 20 months now, can’t quite express what they want so it’s a very challenging age. They get frustrated easily and many times the house gets loud and crazy. So I am more than happy to have this option of loading them in the car and head out.

It is interesting to hear what people have to say when they see me pushing a big stroller full of kids. Or simply their facial expressions. Some look very scared and shocked, others smile ear to ear. I always try to have a positive attitude and not let myself be disappointed by the “not so nice” reactions. Most of the time the quads bring a smile on people’s faces and a lot of people tell me that they just made their day. An older lady was walking in the park with her husband and when they approached us, she told me something no one ever told me before… “You know you got yourself a ticket to Heaven, right?” 🙂 I don’t think that just by being a quad mommy I get a free ticket to heaven but I pray and hope that, as a Mom, I am doing the right thing for my kids and also as a wife – for my husband. There is nothing else my heart desires more than to spend the Eternity with my sweet family by our Saviors side!

This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day, so make sure you let those special persons in your life know how amazing they are! Happy Mother’s Day!



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