Quads updates

It was so fun to get out of the house last Thursday for my doctor’s appt.! I felt like I was going on a date with my husband! Well, I was 🙂 Being outside after a whole week, felt good, especially because it wasn’t too hot or humid. I can’t believe it has been a week already and I didn’t write this post right away. I really wanted to share some pictures of the quads and every day something came up and I just didn’t get the time to scan them.

Our precious quadlings are doing great. It was good to see them again and to get reassurance from the doctor that everything is moving forward as it should.  It’s definitely getting crowded inside my belly; as they grow bigger and bigger, it’s going to be so hard to see them clearly. My cervix is fine, they always check it because that’s one thing that could get me admitted in the hospital immediately. If it shortens – we have a problem. But so far so good, thank God! Fluids are great, babies are great so we continue to pray that God watches over this pregnancy every step of the way, it is His miracle!

Baby A ~ 1 pound
Baby B ~ 1 pound 2 oz
Baby C ~ 1 pound 2 oz
Baby D ~ 1 pound 2 oz
We don’t know exactly how long they measure, but probably the size of a banana, about 10 inches long.

Before I add pictures of the babies, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the people that have donate us baby clothes, toys and other baby gear! Expecting quadruplets can be overwhelming especially when you think about all their needs, but once again we saw how God uses everyone around us to bless us in abundance!

Here are some pictures of the Quads!

Baby B's and Baby C's profiles

Baby B’s and Baby C’s profiles


Baby D's cute little feet! :)

Baby D’s cute little feet! 🙂


Baby A's face, she lifted her arms up

Baby A’s face, she lifted her arms up


The weekend is around the corner, enjoy it!