Our babies!

I am excited to write this post because yesterday I got to see the babies and they are all doing wonderful! They are healthy and beautiful! It was a very emotional visit to my perinatal doctor. The night before I couldn’t sleep and I just kept thinking about my appointment, I was so nervous! When Lois and Ada came to pick me up, I was a mess. I am always a little nervous before my appointments but this time it was the worst. I thought maybe something is wrong, maybe I didn’t take it as easy as they tell me, maybe I walked too much or didn’t rest enough ( I do my best and try to listen to everything that the doctors tell me but I just can’t help but worry sometimes ). Even when we were driving to Northside Hospital, I felt sick to my stomach, just thinking something might be wrong. I mean, it’s not one baby, or two…there are four of them in there! But it felt good to be out of the house for a little bit. Oly was so funny, I didn’t tell him how nervous I was, but he knew it and he texted me “Please don’t worry about anything!!” 🙂   The girls were very encouraging and they did their best to calm me down and get me to relax. Once we got there, I already felt better. I was excited to see my babies, get some new pictures of them and see how much they grew in the last 2 weeks. It was the best ultrasound we had so far. We were able to see their little faces, hands, feet, just all sorts of details that I didn’t think it’s possible to be seen already. They were moving all over the place, Baby A (our first girl) stretched out her whole body, I think she was showing off, knowing her 2 aunties were there 🙂 It is just amazing to see how well they all progress. Many people think that because there are four babies, they are smaller than normal babies for this stage. They are not! They each measure and weight exactly what they are supposed to:

Baby A (girl) : 11 oz
Baby B (boy): 12 oz
Baby C (boy): 12 oz
Baby D (girl): 11oz
We have some cute pictures of them, I will share some of them with you.

A ~  baby girl, stretching out

A ~ baby girl, stretching out

Our first baby boy

B ~ baby boy, cute button nose

Baby B's little face,

Baby B’s little face

Baby C , boy ~ up side down

C ~ baby boy ~ up side down

D~ baby girl, looking up

D~ baby girl, looking up

the whole team :) it's getting pretty crowded in there!

the whole team 🙂 it’s getting pretty crowded in there!

This picture was taken earlier in the pregnancy but you can easily see how they each have their own "space"

This picture was taken earlier in the pregnancy but you can easily see how they each have their own “space”

On Tuesday I will be right at 20 weeks. A big step in this pregnancy. I am so happy that everything is going so smooth. I know things will move on in the right direction and the babies will continue to develop beautifully, because God is watching over them every second. Every 2 weeks or so, a representative from our health insurance calls me to check on the pregnancy and see how I am doing. They are always surprised to hear how great the babies are and that I am feeling so good. “Keep doing what you’re doing, seems to work great!” they tell me. Well, we are praying, our families are praying, our church and friends are praying. That’s what we are doing. And it is the best medicine for the body, heart and soul.


19 weeks, 2 days