Our first milestone

Today we reached a big milestone – 24 weeks! Happy Viability Babies! We’ve come so far, but we still have a while to go. Hopefully at least 6 more weeks! I cannot believe we’ll be parents of quads in a few weeks!! In the last week I was able to connect with a lot of quad mommas. I actually feel like we are not alone and knowing that there are so many other families out there that went through the same thing and did great, that is very encouraging for us. There are a few families with quads here in GA, I even spoke on the phone to a Mom that has 2 year old quadruplets, born at Northside Hospital, same place where we’re going to meet our babies for the 1st time. So now I feel relieved because whenever I have a question or a concern, I know where to find answers. It is amazing to see how all these women and their families. I can relate to them so much!

faithI have to say… I am a little scared. Sometimes a lot. I pray that God gives me strength for what is yet to come. I feel how my body is transforming just to be able to bring these babies into this world. It’s a lot going on in a short period of time and that affects me. I am doing my best to have a good attitude about it but at times I feel low and worried. These precious babies deserve the best and I just wish we would have a better scenario planned out. Honestly, this never happened to us before. Every plan we make, it falls through. But God always comes up with a better one. It’s just that sometimes we have to wait longer than other times and this waiting is driving me crazy. This is by far the biggest faith test we ever had and it is not easy!

I would like to ask you again to keep us in your prayers. To be able to reach 30 weeks and pass that as much as possible. To have healthy babies and a healthy mommy and last but not least a healthy daddy! He is working hard and I know he would like to do more. I know he has a lot on his mind but he doesn’t want me to worry more than I do. And I also know that he would do anything for our babies and for me. I appreciate that so much but sometimes I don’t show it. He is the only one that I would have ever chosen to be by my side on this journey.

24 weeks