Good to be home

As most of you know, this week has been a little different. On Monday I had an appointment at Atlanta Perinatal Consultans, my regular every 2 weeks check up. I wasn’t nervous but I had a feeling that things might have changed a little bit. But because I was “ready” for not so good news, it went pretty well, I think. It’s easy to freak out … don’t we all want to hear good news all the time? Especially when there are little hearts (that depend on you) involved. Thankfully, the babies are good, growing day by day just like they should. It’s so nice to see them every now and then, because I always feel them!! It’s fun now that they move so much. We already know who’s the leader, who’s the crazy one, who’s the laid back one, but we can’t wait to see if it’s going to stay that way when they enter this world. For example baby D keeps us entertained the most! She is extremely active and truly believes that she deserves the most space! She stretched all over my left side, pushing baby B down and baby C to the side. She moves so much that sometimes my belly changes into different shapes, it looks pretty crazy – believe me! I like to talk to them and it’s just so fun. Today I asked them if they would like to eat something and of course baby D kicked right away 🙂 I thought it was so cute, even though it was probably a coincidence. My belly is very wavy sometimes, we just look at it and wonder what is going on in there! So yes, the quads are growing beautifully and that makes us SO happy. We get more and more excited to meet them but they better stay in there as long as possible.

infant_bodysuit-001Here are the weights for the quads (at 25 weeks):
Baby A: 1 p, 15 oz
Baby B: 1 p, 15 oz
Baby C: 2 p, 1 oz
Baby D: 1 p, 14 oz

I am doing pretty good too. Some things have changed though but I am not worried. I am blessed to have a lot of encouragement around me and some very nice quad Mommas that have been on this exact journey reaching out to me! Busy Moms of quadruplets, some of them have other kids besides their quads, and they take time for me? That is amazing! I appreciate every single one of them and I appreciate our families, friends, just everyone that cares and prays for us.

My cervical length got shorter from last time. Used to be 4cm and now it’s down to 2,5. But it’s still firm and high enough so that’s very good. It only means I need to be on strict bed rest from now on and be more careful. Also I’ve been having contractions. I could tell sometimes that I feel something weird, some sort of pain and toughness of the belly but not too bad. Those are contractions, sort of the “mild” ones. They had me lay down at the doctor’s office so they can monitor them. I had a few. At that time I thought I will get admitted in the hospital. But I didn’t! It’s still ok. I am taking Indomethacin for 48h to help the uterus relax, it seems to think it’s time to deliver. Think again uterus! We still have a long way to grow together so please work with me!!! I am also taking a set of steroids shots, to help mature the babies lungs. That’s because we know they will come earlier than 40 weeks so their lungs need a little help. Those shots are not that bad; they sting and once you’re done…it’s hard to walk because of the pain but it goes away pretty quickly. This is nothing compared to other things so I don’t mind at all. Today was my first shot (a great celebration of 25 weeks) and tomorrow is my second. Today I went back to the doctor’s office, this time to see my OB and hear what she has to say about staying home or getting admitted. She has a special way of explaining me things without getting me worried! Same thing with my Perinatologist. Wonderful ladies! They both decided that it’s fine for me to be home (yay!) until my next appointment and then we’ll see what’s happening again. I guess from now on that’s how we roll. If I get serious contractions, then I go in. I’ll keep you guys posted.

To celebrate my 25 weeks, I will end this post on a sweet note 🙂 This is a must at our house these days!