Too Beautiful for earth


Ever since we’ve learned that our family is about to expand  from 2 to 6, by becoming parents of quadruplets, our world has changed completely. Our new normal is very different from most of the other families and sometimes it is very hard to relate to others. But very early in my pregnancy, we were introduced to a new online community of quad families, where we do feel normal! I had a tremendous support system through all these moms of quads and I have been encouraged by them since day one. We share stories, worries and laughter, we pray and try to help each other as much as we can. In the past year our community has suffered tremendously because we have had families that lost all their babies due  to the fact that they were born too early. We always make a big deal when a pregnant soon-to-be mommy of quads reaches certain milestones, like 24 weeks or 28 weeks. Because, when you carry 4 babies, there are SO many risks of early complications and  miscarriages. Our bodies and minds, our spouses and families go through A LOT during a quad pregnancy and it is heartbreaking when there is not a happy story at the end of it. When I was about 24 weeks pregnant with my crew, a fellow soon to be quad mom, experienced probably the worst thing in her life, loosing all four of her babies, when she was about 22 weeks pregnant. It affected me so much because we were in the same boat at that time. A couple of days before her tragedy, we were talking about our pregnancies and how we “got this” . Well… we cannot control anything, especially human lives. I cried that day so much and I was so upset for her, I just wanted to be able to say or do something to help and make her feel better but there was nothing I could do.

We have been so blessed and I will never stop saying how amazingly God worked in our family. Our babies are doing good just because of God’s grace and not because we did something or we deserve it. But my heart aches for another family that went through the same tragedy as the one I mention earlier.

Chris with 3 of their babies and the teddy bear representing their 1st born baby - a couple of days earlier

Chris with 3 of their babies and the teddy bear belongs to their 1st born baby that came a couple of days earlier

I wrote a little bit about them on Facebook, asking for prayers as they were going through this difficult situation. You can read all about their story on their Facebook Page – Prayers for the Fantastic Four. I can’t stop thinking that it could have been me and my husband going through this! They have lost all four of their babies… We pray for them every day and we ask you to do it too! They need our support. Jen and Chris, I know God did not make a mistake. I know He has a plan, but we cannot understand His will sometimes. Please do not be discouraged, your faith will help you overcome this. You have four angels in Heaven now! They were too beautiful for earth ❤

We are trying to help this family with the cost of the funeral arrangements, so if you would like to help too, please visit their Go Fund page.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


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