5 months schedule


Things are starting to settle down, uh oh- maybe I am speaking too soon! I feel like I got this 🙂 Some days I feel like that and then other days I feel like I am going c.r.a.z.y.! The babies are just like other babies, with good, happy days and also not so good, whiny, fussy days. The only difference is that having 4, chances are that someone is in a good mood every day, but also someone else is in a bad mood every day. The weeks are going by fast and the Quads are growing & thriving, praise the Lord!


The babies are still trying out new foods, it is still a new territory for them and of course we are taking it reaaaally easy. I started making my own baby food and I am ecstatic about it! It feels SO good to know that I am feeding them healthy and fresh produce every day. I am in love with my Cuisinart Baby Food Maker ! I never thought I will enjoy this so much, but it is easy and fun.

The days are busy and the nights… well the nights sometimes are quiet. But sometimes this momma doesn’t get much sleep. The Quads have started teething, I can’t feel or see any teeth yet, but I can tell it’s happening. So I blame the teething when I get no sleep 🙂 Andrew has been challenging us a lot but we had a game plan and it worked out. We always have a plan A and then B, C… as many as we need until we figure things out. Every night after the last feeding, we read books and sing songs. It seems like the babies enjoy this time a lot and we do too. But when it’s time for bed… Andrew decides it’s time to scream! And he is so smart; he knows we are headed to his room and that’s when it starts. The night terror 🙂 We had to do something so Isaac has been sleeping over in the girls room. They can still hear Andrew, even though we have noise machines in each room, but this baby can be is loud. As much as it hurts and we hate doing it, we had to let him cry it out. The first night he went for 50 intense minutes. I just wanted to go in and comfort him. But Oly encouraged me not to because that would have ruined everything. He finally fell asleep and only woke up  couple of times during the night, cried for a few minutes and again back to sleep. I used to hurry to his room every single time he would wake up to calm him down and give him his pacifier just so he won’t wake up Isaac. So now I am hoping he will quit doing that too because he needs to sleep all night, and so does his brother. The second night things got better. After I put him down and left, he only cried for 10 minutes and then kind of whined for another 20. Third night things got even better. He only whined for 5 minutes and went to sleep! I couldn’t believe it! Every morning when I get him from his crib, I tell him how proud he makes me and I snuggle with him for a few minutes before we do anything else. And he is so excited and happy, I think he is proud of himself too!

Here is our 5 months schedule. Things are not written in stone of course and they vary, but I try my best to keep the routine going – it is great for the babies and us.

7 AM : First feeding of the day
Usually everyone is calm and happy in the morning, it is easy to entertain them. Most mornings they sit in their Rock&Plays all around me and I play music toys for them, sing songs and read books. It’s pretty amazing how a simple rattle can keep all four babies attention for minutes! I’m sure that won’t be for long!
8:30 AM : Down for nap
10 AM : Spoon feeding followed by bottles
They get messy while eating solids so this is when I change them into day clothes. They take a bath every other day, sometimes right after this feeding or next one (if they are not very messy).
11:30 AM: Down for nap
1 PM : Bottle
Our living room looks like a nursery of course. We have a play area on the floor with baby gyms. I love it when all 4 are down there having fun. They also take turns on the swing and bouncer. They are a little too small for the bouncer, they can’t reach the floor but we have a pillow under and it works great. Also, they love the rocking chair. Especially if they are fussy, that thing calms them down right away. Two of them can sit in the rocking chair, always under my supervision.
2:30 PM : Down for nap
4 PM : Bottle
Playtime in the living room again or in their rooms. I like having all four babies in one crib with the baby mobil on. Or sometimes boys in one crib, girls in another one. A couple of times we went outside for a stroll because the weather was really nice. I am sure we will be going outside a lot more in the coming month. The babies don’t really like to take another nap anymore. We used to have a 4th nap because they were so tired. They do get fussy and things can get crazy but they like to chill in their Rock&Plays in the living room; some take a 15 min cat nap or they just hang out with us.  Close to the last feeding, I like to take time and get everyone ready for bed.
7 PM : Last feeding
After they eat, we read books, sing songs, hugs & kissed and off to bed! Usually by 8 PM babies are out and we enjoy the rest of the  night are exhausted!

I had fun taking some cute pictures of them. I just can’t stop !





































snow storm 2014

snow storm 2014

Have a good week everyone!