Must needs ~ for a family with multiples

Weeks after we found out we were expecting quadruplets, I started making lists of things I thought we’ll need. Four times this, four times that and so on. It really seemed like a lot. Too much stuff! I read other blogs about families with multiples and it helped a lot. I was able to cut some things off my list, add some more and at least get an idea of what’s going to be like bringing lots of babies home from the Hospital.

I would like to create my own “must needs” list. Maybe along the way it will help another momma. I added the links to some of the products that can be purchased on-line, so just click on the highlighted words and it will take you there (if you want to take a look at them). We bought many things at consignment sales, and also, many people gifted us with a lot of the stuff we needed.

If you live in Georgia and you would like to find more information about consignment sales near you, click here.

  1. Rock & Plays (x4)
    We used the Rock & Plays since day 1 of being home for each baby and throughout the first year. Preemies most likely end up having reflux and these rocking “chairs” help a lot with that. We used them for sleeping, in the beginning, and later on we even used them for bottle time. Our babies never held their own bottles, so we sat them in the Rock & Plays and propped their bottles (always under supervision!). Worked great!
  2. Cribs (x4)
    Each of our babies has his/her own crib.When they were really tiny, we used two Pack & Plays in our bedroom and always had two babies in each.
  3. Pack and Plays (x2)
    We only had 2 in the beginning and didn’t even need more. They are easy to put together or move from one room the another. At some point, one of the boys had a sleepover in the girls room, for a few nights, because his brother was having a hard time going to sleep. So we used a pack and play in the girls room. We ended up buying 2 more pack and plays just in case we’ll need to travel somewhere with the babies.
  4. Motorola Video Baby Monitor (with 2 cameras)
    After all four babies came at home, it was too hard to get some sleep having them in our room, even when they were asleep. Little babies make so many noises!! We joked around saying that our bedroom is like a little petting zoo ūüôā So we moved the girls in their own room and the boys in their room. In each room we have a camera up on the wall, facing down towards the 2 cribs put one next to the other. This way we are able to watch four babies using only 2 cameras. The Motorola Video Monitor does its job, so we are extremely happy with it.
  5. Dr.Browns Bottles (tons of them!!)
    Loved these bottles! The best for preemie babies that have reflux! You can find them in different colors or just use a marker to label each bottle with each of your child’s name. Some families use colored rubber bands which I think it’s brilliant. We used 32 ¬†4oz bottles every 24h in the beginning and then we moved on the 8oz ones and as the babies started sleeping through the night and also eating solids, we went down on the bottles. Only went up one size on the bottle nipples – around 6 months. Two babies needed their formula thickened with rice cereal, because of acid-reflux, but I made a bigger whole into the size 1 nipples for them. And it worked great.
  6.  Bottles drying racks (x2)
    The First Year Spinning Drying Rack worked best for us. We also had a big bath towel, folded in half, on the counter top where I dumped all the small parts after taking them out of the washer.
  7. Dishwasher baskets (3 sets)
    Washing bottles took a very long time and so I decided to use the dishwasher. One load of bottles every night. It made our life easier. They were clean and sanitized at the same time.
  8. Bottle Brush (x1)
    Since the bottles were getting washed in the dishwasher, we didn’t use a bottle brush much, but we sure did need it every now and then.
  9. A large pitcher and a large whisk for mixing formula
    When preparing gallons of formula, it doesn’t make sense to get ready one bottle at the time. I made a big batch and poured the right amount in each bottle. Simple things that made our life with quads easier. This is what was going on at our house every night. Prepared formula is good for¬†24h¬†if refrigerated.
  10. Boppy Pillows (x4) and covers (x6)
    Very useful for us. We used them all the time with the quads. When we started feeding two babies at the same time, we propped them on the Boppy Pillows. Later on we learned how to feed all four at the same time and the Boppys really helped! And of course for tummy time, learning to sit up on their own and so on.
  11. Bottle proppers (x4)
    These worked great when we were feeding all four babies at the same time. And we did that most of the time unless we were at church or at our family’s house. I got ours from another quad mom but you can find them on-line among with many other different types. Very useful especially if you don’t always have extra help around.
  12. Noise Machines (x2)
    Again, we bought one for each room. We always use them during nap time and even night-time. At night we select the “rain” option. If one baby wakes up crying, having a background noise helps not wake up the others.
  13. Burp cloths & bibs (lots and lots and lots)
    We used so many! I got some new ones but I was able to buy most of them at consignment sales! You would not believe how many “like new” items you can find there.
  14. Wubbanubs (x4 or more)
    I have never heard of Wubbanubs until I got pregnant with quads. These cute pacifiers have a little toy animal attached to them and so the baby gets to snuggle with it and it is soothing for him/her. When you have four babies, these things are pretty helpful! We had 2 for each baby but now only Hannah wants them. The other babies are not interested in pacifiers anymore (unless they want to tease Hannah).
  15. Baby Bathtub (x2)
    You don’t need four of these. Most of the time we only used one but the second one was handy when both my husband and I gave baths at the same time or when auntie Lois stopped by to help with bath time. She called it “spa time”.
  16. Clipboards (x4)  and baby schedule
    Just regular clipboards where we clipped our baby log and schedule that we printed out. It made a lot of sense and this way it was easy to keep up with each baby. From feedings to medicine given, everything was written down.
  17. Humidifiers (x2)
    We bought one for each of their rooms and we usually use them during the cold seasons.
  18. Car Seats (x4)
    We opted for the Chicco Key Fit 30 because it secures babies from 4 to 30 pounds. Not all infant car seats are made for preemie babies, so make sure you choose the right one.
  19. Strollers
    Baby Trend Double Stroller Frame¬†¬†worked for us. We had a hard time finding something that will match our car seats. They didn’t snap on the stroller but they were safe. We found it to be the easiest way to get around with four tiny babies. For the most doctor’s visits we took 2 babies at once, so we only used one stroller.
    Runabout Quad Stroller – Fits four babies in a row. Great for walks and hikes.
    Foundation Quad Stroller – Fits four babies, two in the front row and two in the back. It is heavy but it fits in the trunk of our minivan. We used it at church and other places when we wanted all four babies in the same stroller.
  20. Quad Table
    Love, love, love our quad table! We purchased the seats at and got our table custom-made by a local cabinet company РKitchen and Bath Design Group.

I am pretty sure there were other things we used a lot but for now, that’s all I can think of ūüôā I will try to update the list if my memory helps me. Have fun shopping!


Please keep in mind that these are all personal preferences. What works for our family might not work for another family. We do not benefit from any purchases you make by clicking the links I provided.