Life in the Hospital

I know I’ve only been here a few days, but I am actually having a pretty good time in the hospital. Maybe things will change later on, when I’ll get sick of being here and I do want to be able to remember the good days. I am very impressed how nice everyone is. But I have to say I am fortunate to be on this floor, I get more privileges to say so. The day starts early, I usually wake up around 6:30-7:00. The nurses shifts change at 7AM and 7PM and some of them like to come and check on their patients before they go home. They all say that I am a very good patient, they don’t have a lot of work with me. And I tell them “for now :)”. Every morning and night they check my vitals – the interesting part is that at night my heart races like crazy. And I usually get a headache with that. They said it’s because of the huge amount of blood flow that I have in my body. Carrying quads, each of them with their own placenta, is a lot of work for my body. Also twice a day I get to be monitored for contractions for an hour. I’ve been having really good days and nights since I got here, the contractions are very light and few. Being on strict bed rest helps a lot and here I have help around me all the time so I only get out of bed to use the bathroom or shower. Then they check out the babies heart rates using some sort of monitor that look like a microphone. Sometimes the babies are playing hide and go seek. They move so much and they’re giving the nurses a hard time to find all of them. They kick the monitor so much, it’s funny 🙂

Fetal heart rate doppler

Fetal heart rate doppler

So that’s pretty much all the work the nurses have with us, not bad, right?

I get 3 meals a day, pretty balanced and pretty tasty, I have to say. I usually get to pick from 2 options, but the menu is the same every week, so if I’ll  be here a long time, I think I’ll get tired of it. I also get snacks in between the meals, so it’s not bad. Plus they give me 3 Boost drinks a day (10g of protein each) and some sort of double protein ice cream to increase my protein intake. I need about 130g of protein a day to keep the quads growing!

So everything is going well, my belly is very big now and I never thought I will get this far. It is hard to even turn in bed. Many times I feel worthless because I am not doing anything at all, I lay in bed all day. But I know my body is working harder than ever. If you put yourselves in my shoes, could you imagine such a drastic change in you life? From an active, busy person to… strict bed rest and huge belly 🙂 It took me a while to process everything and accept this dramatic turn in my life, but after all it is the biggest blessing and I would not take it any other way. The other day I got a special air mattress that goes on top of my hospital bed and it’s supposed to help me with the pain that I get from laying down so much. It does work, I like it. Now I think they ordered me a hospital trapeze. I am not kidding when I say I can hardly move. It might sound funny but it’s not. So I will be able to hold on to that when I get up. When Oly is here with me it’s great because he helps me get up or turn, but I feel bad calling the nurse or the tech during the day for this. My belly and my legs (weird!) hurt when I get up…I can’t even imagine what is going to be a month from now if I make it to 32 weeks.

I had more visitors today! Naty has become an periodic visitor (maybe a daily one), so sweet of him. But my Bennett with his grandma Gigi, his twin buddies Grant and Lane with their mommy – my friend Susan – came by for lunch and they brought me a yummy Zaxbys Zalad 🙂 Mmmm the taste of the outside world!

Handsome boys

Handsome boys

Tomorrow I have another ultrasound and they’ll check my cervix. I’m a little nervous. But I am hopeful and I pray that everything will continue to be ok. I am excited that my hubby will spend the night here again, I miss him…

Make sure you check out the Belly Pics… I added a few more in the last few days. Believe it or not, apparently there’s still more room to grow!

28 weeks 1 day