Welcome to Quadville

These 3 days have been the busiest days ever! The pregnancy is behind us already and we have entered the second phase of this amazing journey. All babies are doing good – Isaac, Alexis and Andrew are on CPAPs , only Hannah needs a little more help with her breathing and she is on a mechanical ventilator. But they all look great, each day better than the day before.

Last night I got to see all the babies for the first time and spend some time with them. I was a little overwhelmed… the NICU is a new territory for us and only the parents that had babies in there can understand what I am talking about. But just like we did when I was pregnant, we have to continue to take one day at the time and pray for the best. One day can be great and others might be a little less. The staff in the NICU is amazing. They were waiting for our Quads with open arms. The nurses on our level have told us that days before the babies were born, the NICU staff would call to check on us and see what’s going on, if there are any signs of the babies arriving soon. There were absolutely no signs and so the babies surprised all of us!

Today I got to hold both Isaac and Alexis, precious moments!! Daddy changed their diapers, so maybe this will become a routine 🙂 It’s so fun to hang out with the babies. But we are limiting that to family only, at least for now. I hope everyone understands that these babies need some extra time to grow and get stronger. We appreciate every single person that wants to know what is going on and cares about their well being and we will do our best to keep you updated. Also we apologize if we can’t return all the phone calls or messages. I am trying to do everything the doctors tell me to do in order to recover faster and Oly has been amazing, helping me and giving me all the attention I needed, day and night. My body is recovering well but we need time. So now it would not be the best idea to “surprise” us with a visit at the hospital. Plans made ahead are welcomed in this circumstances. We will probably get to go home in a couple of days anyway. The babies will stay here and we will come to see them everyday. But we do want to limit their visitors. Being preemies, they are very sensitive to germs and bacteria. Even we exaggerate with washing hands and being very clean and careful around them. But that’s how it has to be. These days were so exhausting for us! The nurses made a note on our door in order to not be disturbed, we really needed to rest. It is a very exciting moment in our lives but we need to take it easy.

Can’t wait to see the Quads tomorrow again. We are so happy that they are here and that they are real champions! What a mighty God we have!