Miracle babies

PrintWe have a happy Quad Mama today! Every now and then I feel like my cheer “tank” is on low and I really need a good motivation to keep me going. Tomorrow night will mark 2 weeks of hospitalization! Honestly, I can’t believe it! How in the world did the time pass? It helps a lot to know that my hubby comes “home” every night after work. He laughs at me because I ask him every day “when are you coming home?” 🙂 But he gets off from work at different times each day, so we he never knows. During the day I spend a lot of time on my computer, I read or watch TV. I love the fact that there are many doctors and nurses, hospital staff that stops by to say hello and we just talk and talk. All this keeps me busy!

This morning I got to see my sweet babies! I am so proud of them, they are doing REALLY good! Especially considering how squished they are! I used to be able to see clearly each baby on the ultrasound, but now, I have no idea what’s in there. They moved, they switched places, it’s crazy:) The girls are now next to each other, and they used to be across from each other. The boys are in the upper side of the belly, they measure a little bigger too. All their little hearts are working just as they should, the fluids continue to be good and their weights are so good! That’s what made me extremely happy! They have reached 3 pounds each!!!!!

Baby A: 3pounds 1oz
Baby B: 3pounds 2 oz
BABY C: 3pounds 7oz
BABY D: 3pounds

It is amazing to me that these babies are developing wonderfully. And even more amazing I find the fact that contrary to what everybody says – the body is not build for this kind of pregnancy – all 5 of us continue to move forward and we keep going strong! It’s not easy but I am happy of how things are going. Today, when I got out of bed, my legs were shaking! No wonder! All the weight that I am caring is taking over. There are 12 pounds,10 oz worth of baby in my belly. Each placenta weights about 1 pound or more, and there are 4 of them, one for each baby. Plus the fluids. So the pain at this point is very normal. I am glad that my contractions are still light and I hope they will stay like that. My uterus is behaving pretty well 🙂 All these good news gave me a push to keep fighting for our babies. I need to keep all this in mind all the time. It’s so easy to just give up and break down. But they need me. They need my body to be stronger than ever so they can grow and be ready to meet us one day. We pray for that special day! I don’t think there will ever be a more spectacular moment in our lives to top that. I can’t even talk about it without getting all teary!

Our faith is being rewarded everyday. Through this journey, we’ve learn what it really means to trust God completely and let go of our own plans. What I hope and wish the most is for everyone to see how amazing and wonderful God is, though these babies and their lives.

29 weeks, 2 days