Oly & Lori

Oly & Lori-001This is us. We recently celebrated 5 years of marriage. We met here in Georgia, but we are both originally from Romania. Oly and his family moved to US 11 years ago, leaving behind his older brother, Claudiu, who was over 21 of age at that time and so legally couldn’t join them. But hopefully very soon this beautiful family of 9 siblings will reunite! Over the last few years, my in-laws have been blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren, but by the end of this year that number will more than double! We are expecting quads, and two of my sisters-in-law are also expecting one baby each. Imagine our next family reunion 🙂 I always prayed to be part of a big family, well here I am! Couldn’t ask for better parents-in-law, they embraced me just as their own daughter. My husband was the first one of the 9 siblings to get married and it’s so fun to see how each and every one of them takes their own path and follow their own dream. Right after our wedding, 2 months later, Claudiu and Miha got married back in Romania. They have 2 wonderful kids and a baby due in December. Later that year, Damaris got married and soon after that the newly wedded couple moved to Arizona. Then there is Manu, married to Adina, they also have a handsome little boy, Mattias and a baby on the way. They live in California. Narcis traveled all the way back home to find his other half, Andreea, and after the wedding brought her here. They got married last September and that was our most recent trip to our home country. Now, there is another Andreea in the family. She was the first girl to be born after the first 3 boys. She is a wonderful young lady that puts her whole heart into everything that she does. Ada is one of a kind. Very smart and fun, always ready to take on life’s challenges. Then comes Lois, sweet Lois. She’s the most friendly person I have ever met, absolutely loooooves babies and she is so excited about the quads! We’re proud of all the sacrifices she makes for school and how hard she works for it. And last, but absolutely not least, Naty:) The baby of the family that will be 20 years old in a couple of months. An amazing young man after God’s own heart. He is a great leader and singer in our church. Whoever ends up marring this guy…will be a lucky gal 🙂
I came here as an au pair (similar to a live-in nanny), only planning to stay for a year or so. I was blessed with wonderful people around me and God showed me that this is the place where He wants me to plant my roots, next to my wonderful man, that I am so thankful for! My small family is back home but distance sometimes brings hearts closer. My older brother, Dani, and his wife have a beautiful daughter and a baby boy on the way. My baby sister, Ema, is planning her wedding for September, and my grandma…well we talk on the phone almost every day, so she feels like I am just 10 miles away from home:) She’s turning 80 at the end of this year! I lost my Mom to cancer 11 years ago, and my Dad unexpectedly passed away 3 years ago, while I was here in US. Although I had some rough times in my life, looking back makes me realize that everything happens for a reason and I am absolutely sure that God had a plan from the beginning. We’ve been so blessed with a healthy, happy marriage and after a pretty long wait and so much desire of having kids, He is giving us a true miracle! Quadruplets!! This is the beginning of a new journey. We don’t know exactly what stands before us but we are so ready for anything!