Four peas in a pod

4 peas in a podI never really knew what the love of a mother is and I am sure I still don’t know yet, at least not 100%. But I never experienced a greater joy… the love and gratefulness that fills my heart is just beyond words. Hearing that my 4 babies that I carry in my belly are healthy and as the days go by they get stronger and stronger, makes me the happiest person on this planet! This love that I feel for them, cannot compare to anything else. I remember how worried I was in the beginning of this journey. Because it is such a high risk pregnancy, I had so many reasons to be scared and unsecured. When I look back, I wish I would have been more courageous from the start. But that’s when Oly was so strong and he had no doubts that everything will be ok. He pushed me forward every time I was down and wiped my tears away, constantly encouraging me and reminding me of God’s promises for our life.

So today we had another doctor’s appointment. After the ultrasound technician scanned the babies, she said ” These are the amazing quadruplets! They all look so good and you should be very proud!” 🙂 We were so happy to hear that! Here’s what our precious 4 peas in the pod weight :

Baby A : 1 pound, 6 oz
Baby B : 1 pound 7 oz
Baby C : 1 pound 10 oz
Baby D : 1 pound 10 oz
Seems like A and B are smaller but C and D have a lot more room, they are right on top of their brother and sister!  Anyway these are not exact measurements, but everyone is on the right track.

Next week on Wednesday I have another doctor’s appointment, with my OB, dr.Jeffers. And also at night we will be going to a huge kids consignment sale that I am so excited about! The sale starts on Thursday, August 1st, but because I registered a while ago as a first time Mom, we get to go the night before and hopefully get some baby stuff that we still need for the quads. We met one of the organizers of this sale on a cruise we took for our 5th wedding anniversary. She is such a wonderful lady! It seems like this is the biggest kids consignment sale in GA. It is twice a year and they have different locations.

Check it out at .
They have great deals for sellers and buyers. Sometimes they hire extra help for the season too, if you need a seasonal job.

prayerWe know that these amazing quadruplets, their growth and health are the answer of many prayers and we appreciate every single one of you that prays for us. Don’t stop! 🙂 As time goes by it does get more difficult. My belly is big and of course it’s not as easy as it used to be to move around, but it’s not impossible. We went into a gift shop at the Hospital today and some ladies that were in there told me they thought I am due any day now! I will take some pictures to add them to the rest of the Belly Pics. I still have a while to go, my belly needs to stretch out more and make room for the quads and so I need you to keep me in your prayers. Next Tuesday I will be 24 weeks along! That is a big milestone for us!  24 weeks is when the baby is considered to be viable, which means that if it is born at this time it has a reasonable chance for survival. When you are expecting quads, getting to 24 weeks is a huge deal because there’s so much going on inside your body! The more babies you have in your womb at once, the bigger are the chances to deliver very early or to have pregnancy complications. Thankfully, we’re moving on the right direction!

23 weeks, 2 days



15 thoughts on “Four peas in a pod

  1. super super…si imaginile si tot ce ai scris…finalu ne-a lasat asa pe ganduri…in sensu ca realizezi de fapt ce se intampla cu timpu in burtica ta…

  2. The amazing quadruplets will continue to do amazingly well until they’re ready to come out… God willing, in another 10 weeks or so 🙂 As for your belly, yay for Mamma Mio 🙂

  3. I love you very much “Mamiiii”! I am so proud of you, and thank you for making this wonderful Blog! Love you Bebitza and Bebitziiii !!!! Oly.

  4. Yay for nearing that BIG milestone! Getting to each milestone like that always made me feel a bit better. The discomforts are about to increase, but you CAN do it! I don’t know if you’re starting to itch, but I itched like crazy and didn’t know until after delivery that solarcaine apparently helps. Consignment sales are fantastic! Be sure you bring a list so you don’t do too many impulse buys and know market value so you don’t over pay (if you have a smartphone that can help too). Also get a wheel chair for yourself, you should stay off your feet at all costs!!!

    • I feel so weird being in a wheel chair!!! We’ll try to get one though, it is what it is 🙂 I am getting a little itchy sometimes, but not bad. Is solarcaine some sort of lotion? Working on my consignment sale list today, yay!

      • I felt silly in a wheelchair too, but got sort of used to it. Lots of people are on bed rest so most people understand. It’s so important you don’t over do it. Rest. Take breaks.

        Sarcaine is an antiseptic I think, in the first aid section of the pharmacy.

  5. im so happy ur doing good …i hate that i’ve missed some of the appt. but that stops NOW 😀 and can’t wait to take u n the babies to the dr next week 😀 😀 cuz u know i LOVVVVEEEE driving hahahahha miss u blondy

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