First weekend away from home

But not very far away. Actually a weekend at my new home, Northside Hospital. I think I will be here for a while. Days, weeks … I don’t know. But the dr. want to keep me close just in case. At this point in my quad pregnancy, anything is possible so being under their professional supervision is the best place to be.

This weekend has been busy and full of surprises. {I think someone really wants to help me type or just wants to play this morning because one of my sweet babies is kicking me on and on and on:)} It’s nice and quiet, I had my breakfast and my hubby is still snoozing on the “very comfortable” extended chair…poor guy. These days have been rough on him; I wish he could get some real sleep before returning to work tomorrow.

Friday night I had a very pleasant surprise, 3 of my friends came over to our house to see me. I am just like a kid, except I usually don’t ask for things to be brought to me but anything makes me so happy. And I have sweet, thoughtful friends! We had such a good time. After they left, I finally decided to call the nurses station at Atlanta Women Specialists. I’ve been having contractions all day long, some of then painful and some very painful. I also counted them and they were about 10min apart so that made me thinking that I might need to do something about it. I knew it, I just knew it! They told me to go in and get admitted to Northside Labor and Delivery. The bag was already made, we picked up a few more things and left. When we got here, my contractions were all over the place so they started my giving me IV fluids. That helped and it calmed me down. They also did some tests, one of them it’s called the fetal fibronectin test. If you are in preterm labor, it pretty much tells you if you are going to deliver in the next 2 weeks. That – if you have a singleton pregnancy. For my quad pregnancy is not that accurate but at least it’s good news if it comes back negative. So it did!! Around 2:30 AM we decided to go to sleep. Oly fell asleep fast, he was exhausted after a busy week at work, running back and forth to the hospital with me twice this week, all this stress got to him. It would be terrible for me too, to be on the other side, to watch him being in pain and being moved around from one place to another, listen to several doctors with different opinions, and at the end of the day knowing that there are 5 lives in line, it’s crazy! But he is doing so well, I am proud of him! It’s hard  to have all this on his shoulders, but he handles it wonderful.

I really tried to sleep too but my mind was very busy. The nurse kept coming in. At some point my contractions were 2-3 minutes away, but I wasn’t really feeling all of them. I got a shot of Terbutaline, to stop or at least slow down my contractions. It worked but because of this medicine, my heart was racing like crazy!!! That’s one of the side effects. Now how can I sleep with my heart beating out of my chest? Forget that. Next day was pretty much the same, dr’s visits, tests, contractions. Because it was my birthday yesterday, dr. Angus was so nice and wanted to do something special for me. So he ordered a cake from the cafeteria and a bunch of nurses came in my room and sang Happy Bday to me. I was SO surprised! I forgot to mention that Friday at midnight, my husband and the nurse that was in my room sang to me too. Oly gave me this beautiful necklace that has four peas in a pod symbolizing our babies. I posted a picture of it a while ago and that’s exactly what he got me. So cute!

Late afternoon they told us I am not going home, so they moved us in a different room, a nicer one that actually has a window and a bathroom with a shower. That got me thinking that I might spend more time in the hospital than I was planning. Or they got sick and tired of us (especially Oly) asking for a better room. In a small room with no window , you go nuts!! Isn’t it enough that you’re in the hospital? Anyway, we were happy to move.



And here comes the best part. Soon after we got in this nice room, the whole Lupei family came over, every single one of them !! And I got a big 2 layered cake, d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s !! My mom-in-law is truly an expert. I heard she had a little helper too, auntie Lois 🙂 I had such a good time, they surrounded me with their love, as always. These babies will be so spoiled, oh my goodness! I can only imagine if my family from Romania would be here, how nice it would be. But I am blessed to be part of the Lupei family. The night ended so nice. After they left, the nurse monitored the babies and they were good. We went to bed and I actually slept through the night!! Woke up this morning happy and rested.

27weeks 5 days

8 thoughts on “First weekend away from home

  1. You are in good spirits and I can’t begin to tell you how important that is!!!! That cake looks delicious! So glad you have family and friends around in support, that makes all the difference in your mood and keeping you lifted up sometimes. I know how hard it is to “live” in a hospital and get sleep with nurses in and out. I would put a sign on my door that said “nurses and doctors only” and that would cut down on some of the foot traffic. I also had an eye mask to block out the flashing lights and to ward off unwanted visitors that would barge in and think I was sleeping, even if I wasn’t. Can y’all fit an air mattress in your room somewhere? That’s where my husband slept when he would stay the night, which was more frequent especially at the end. You might also request if there’s a larger room if you’re going to be long term, you never know what’s available until you ask! I had my mom go to Walmart and get me two sets of jersey fabric twin-sized sheets for my hospital bed. She’d bring a clean set up and change them out for me and take the other set home to wash every week. Was much more comfortable. Hang in there, you’ve got this!

    • We were talking about an air mattress. And also they told us that if I’ll be here for a longer time, they will give me a bigger, nicer room. I will keep asking! I feel pretty good now, I’m sure I’ll have days when I’ll feel like pulling my hair out but I have to think about these babies that I cannot wait to hold:) Thanks for the encouragement, I so need it!

  2. Your family sounds so nice, so loving. Happy birthday, too! Tell the chef your cake was lovely. Keep those little peas in their pod! Xox. Gigi

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  3. You are doing such a good job, Lori! You are about to hit that next big milestone and then you can set your sights on the next one. Every day counts! Amber B. gave you some great tips to make it more comfortable for you and Oly. She’s totally right, your attitude/ spirit and support system are key for making it further. Keep it up, Mama! Oh, and so sweet of Oly to order the peas in a pod necklace. Happy birthday.

    • Thank you Amber! I remember when we first started emailing back and forth, you were the right person at the right time to push me forward and I will never forget that! I cannot express how thankful I am ! ❤

      • I’m so happy you found me, and that I can help “push” you to new milestones. Yay for 28 weeks! 🙂
        Watching you brings back the happy memories of anticipating the arrival of four babies.

  4. Happy Birthday Lori!!! The cake looks so delicious! You have so many loving people in your life. You are truly blessed! We love you and your entire family. Y’all are just awesome! ❤

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